Copper is a precious metal that has been used for centuries to create useful products that often double as works of art. Our customers quickly realize that copper is not only beautiful, but also a wonderfully functional surface. Copper is a naturally self-renewing antimicrobial surface which requires no harsh chemicals for cleaning.

Copper is a relatively soft metal, so it is susceptible to denting, scratching and slicing. Unsealed it provides a “living” surface that will change colors over time, depending on what it comes in contact with — most often, it will go to shades of brown. We can patina the copper using different chemicals to quickly age the copper and then we can also seal the copper which will keep it from naturally changing color and will reduce susceptibility to scratching. It may require resealing from time to time to maintain the look.

Applications:  Custom hoods and counter tops, decorative applications.

How to clean:  We suggest you clean your copper with mild dish soap and a soft cloth or sponge. Abrasives are not recommended.

Copper Hoods

Copper Hoods make an incredible statement.  Notice the detail of this beautiful hood on the enclosed back porch of a Tulsa home.  

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