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Amada 4000 Watt Fiber Laser 5 x 10 shuttle table 1/2″ steel max and 1/2″ alloys Cincinnati Laser CL6 2000 watt, with 5ft.X10ft. shuttle tables. ½”max steel, 1/4” max aluminum & stainless Cincinnati Brake 135 ton Proform 12-foot Cincinnati Brake 175 ton Maxform  12-foot Pirahna P50 Ironworker Weldsaw 1316 swivel miter-head band saw Accushear ¼” […]

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We know time is important to everyone, therefore we strive to facilitate the best turnaround possible on each project. We take great pride in doing what we say we will do. We try to give our clients our very best estimate on the completion date of their job on every quote. If we have any […]

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